A buyer inspection is the best way to get a third party perspective about the condition of the house. Hidden defects and issues that may have gone undetected by you or the realtor can be identified with the help of an inspection.

We, at HD Home Inspection, provide professional and reliable buyer inspections in New Windsor, NY. With state of the art equipment and advanced technology, we carefully inspect all accessible and visible components of your house. Our inspectors are trained specifically to inspect your house for defects and damage that may become expensive repairs if left unaddressed. We are able to detect issues that even a seasoned contractor might overlook. A home is a complicated system, and our knowledge and experience helps us to validate that your home is safe and secure.

Buyer's Inspection

Detailed Buyers Inspections

Are you looking for your dream home? Or have you found one already and are about to close the deal? We suggest you get a buyer inspection in New Windsor, NY first. 

We, HD Home Inspection, understand that purchasing a home is a transaction that you will probably do once or twice in your lifetime. And, we don’t want you to invest in the wrong house. We want you to empower you to make an informed decision about the purchase. By highlighting concerned areas and shortcomings in your home, we help you ask the seller for repairs on the basis of the inspection report. This saves you from the inconvenience and unnecessary costs of having to get the repairs done yourself after you have moved in.

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With HD Home Inspection, you can now access your home inspection report the very next day. We provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report within 24 hours of the inspection. We document all our findings with the help of detailed captions and illustrations in order to make it easy for you to understand the report. We strive to provide you with every piece of information that matters to you. This is why our report is revelatory. We have no vested interest in the real estate transaction, so you can be assured of getting an unbiased and third party perspective about the condition of the home.

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