What are the Advantages

Recall Chek

What is RecallChek?

Buyers get a monthly RecallTrak email that checks for future recalls that come up after the inspection and are able to add/update appliances for FREE at anytime on their account.

What are the Advantages?

For Clients
  • 1st Time Home Buyer will receive maintenance book ($10 value).
  • Discount on services
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Full package of Recall Trak & Warranties with ISG (Inspector Service Group):
    • Recall Check
    • 90 Days Warranty
    • Sewergard Warranty
    • Mold Safe Warranty
    • 5 Yrs Roof Warranty
    • Concierge Program
For Realtors
  • First five home inspections will receive up to 25% off of full inspection prices
    • New Windsor area – 15 miles radius (25%)
    • More than 15 miles radius (15%)
    • 25 miles radius (10%)
    • 30 miles or more (5%)
  • Realtors will be featured on RecallTrak newsletter